Hotels in New York

New York is one of the first tourist destinations in the United States. The peninsula of Manhattan will certainly be your privileged place, as it centralizes everything there is to discover, between famous museums, luxurious signs and department stores, and of course the immense Central Park, a haven of peace inescapable within Urban agitation and background noise of police sirens or amb
ulances. As much to say, the accommodation is especially expensive and it is difficult to find a hotel room in New York cheap in the city center. You will have to choose your neighbourhood, depending on what you want to see, even if the public transport is very well developed, especially the Metro, but think especially of the famous yellow taxis very numerous, for a total immersion in the style of New York Life.
The hotels are less numerous in the south of Manhattan, rather the business districts that dominate the Wall Street. Preferably choose a minimum of three stars for proper comfort.

Find your hotel in New York

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